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Bridal Diaries: Applying for Marriage License in Quezon City

Applying for our marriage license in Quezon City was surprisingly easy. It took us just one day (with a long free time in between) to complete our documents, attend the seminar, and submit all requirements.

To make our lives easier on the day we researched on how to apply for a marriage license. We had all documents ready except for my cedula. You can get your birth certificate and CENOMAR from SM Business Centers, it is more convenient than going to NSO centers.

Also, we wanted to make sure we won’t take any shortcuts to get our marriage license. And based on our research it isn’t really hard to acquire the license. Just a little bit of patience is all that is required.


  1. 1×1 photo of bride and groom
  2. Certificate of No Marriage and photocopies
  3. Birth Certificate and photocopies
  4. Cedula
  5. Family Planning Seminar Certificate of Attendance

Other essentials

  1. Water bottle
  2. Pens
  3. Coins for getting photocopies
  4. Umbrella

The following details are what we did when we went to Quezon City Hall.

  1. Arrived at the Quezon City Hall around 8:30am.
  2. Went to the Health Department (see map below, Mayaman Road corner Kalayaan Ave.) to register for the Family Planning Seminar scheduled at 1pm later that day.
  3. Got my Cedula from the cashier’s office behind Landmark (still along Mayaman Road).
  4. Went to the Civil Registry office (other end of Mayaman Road, near East Ave.). The guy at the counter asked for the copies of our Cedula. He then gave as an order of payment.
  5. Returned the cashier’s office to pay. We paid 150 pesos.
  6. Returned to the Civil Registry office and we were given 2 pages of the marriage license application form.
  7. It was still around 9 or 10 in the morning so we had time to kill before our seminar. We went to Jollibee to have breakfast. And while we were there we finished the application form. We moved to Starbucks after because we were getting bored. There are a lot of establishments at Matalino Street. I wanted to get a massage while waiting but we had little time left when we saw Nuat Thai on that street.
  8. Went back to the Health Department hall to attend the seminar. We finished around 3pm and got our certificate of attendance right after.
  9. Rushed back to the Civil Registry office but along the way we took photocopies of the application form and the certificate of attendance.
  10. Got the application form notarised. There’s a notary conveniently located inside the Civil Registry office. It think this was around 100 or 50 pesos.
  11. Submitted all documents. They will write the date when you can claim your marriage license on the photocopy of your application form.

On the day I returned to the Civil Registry Office, I brought the photocopy of our application form and paid 100 pesos. When I received our marriage license there was an error on Rod’s name but they were able to fix it right away.


UPDATE: How to get your marriage contract 


  1. Rachel Rachel

    How long did it take you before you got your lisence? And was your application processed right away? I heard from some that their applications were delayed by 3 months because there were a lot pf bookings for civil weddings.

    • carminareyes carminareyes

      You’ll get a marriage license after 10 working days. That’s only for the marriage license.

      You might be talking about scheduling for civil weddings? I have no idea how long it’ll take to get a schedule for a civil wedding since I got married in a church.

      BUT as far as I know, marriage license are processed for just 10 days, regardless if you’re having a civil or church wedding, provided you have all the required documents.

  2. thank you so much. this is very very helpful!

  3. I forgot to ask… Based on your experience, upon your application for a marriage license, were you able to already have your CENOMAR?
    Thing is, my fiance is in the U.S. right now so I was hoping when he gets here we can just both for marriage cert and cenomar already at the sanme time.
    thank you in advance

    • carminareyes carminareyes

      You don’t need to wait for your fiance to get home to request for a CENOMAR. In fact, you should have the certificates na (for both of you) when you to go city hall for the marriage license. You only need to provide your name, birthdate, and place of birth. You can get the CENOMAR in NSO, eCensus (online) or at SM business centers. eCensus is more convenient but more expensive. As for us, we requested through SM business center.

      I wasn’t in the Philippines too when we requested for a CENOMAR. I just provided my fiance an authorization letter. Better to gather all documents ready so by the time he gets home you can apply na for a marriage license kaagad.

      • beyti beyti

        Hi! Is the marriage license a requirement before getting a schedule for the wedding at QC Hall? Or can I reserve a slot even without the requirements? We have already requested the Cenomar and birth certificate but cannot file for the license yet as I’m not currently in the Philly. I was told by my friends that it is difficult to reserve the target wedding date and I fear that the date would not be available by the time I go home.

      • carminareyes carminareyes

        I don’t know much about civil weddings in QC City Hall. I don’t think it’s a requirement to get the license first because 3 months lang validity ng license. And I believe you can schedule your wedding more than 3 months in advance naman siguro.

  4. Hi, Weekdays lang ba pwede kumuha ng Marriage license? 🙂

    • carminareyes carminareyes

      Yes. Regular govt working hours.

  5. chris chris

    hi po. ask ko lang po if ever magpunta kami ng qc hall on tuesday makakapag seminar na kaya kami that day? kung early morning kami nkapagparegister?. or ischedule pa ng ibang araw? tnx po 🙂

    • carminareyes carminareyes

      Hello. As long as first thing in the morning you register, for sure may slot pa for the seminar that day. Una niyo puntahan muna ay yung health building, 2nd floor, to register. The lady there is very nice (assuming siya pa rin) and she’ll tell you what are your next steps.

  6. Anthony Anthony

    Hi! Are the Original copies of CENOMAR and Birth Certificates needed to apply for the license? Or we can just submit a photocopy… Thanks

    • carminareyes carminareyes

      Yes, bring the original and photocopy.

  7. jhoy jhoy

    Pwede po bang mgprocess sa inyo ng mga papers pero po sa Cagayan po nmin balak ikasal, kc dto kami cubao pareho layo po ng mindanao kung dun p kami mgpprocess, hindi b pweding indorsement ung mangyari? May ganun po ba? Hindi kc kmi mkauwi. Thanks!

    • carminareyes carminareyes

      Pwede po kayo magapply ng marriage license sa QC if isa sa inyo ay nakatira sa QC. Then, kahit saan po sa Pilipinas pwede kayo magpakasal.

  8. julie maralit julie maralit

    hi…did they get copies of cedula or they just got the numbers? we can get cedula and pay lower than the actual salary di ba 🙂 will that be questioned?

    • carminareyes carminareyes

      They’re going to ask copies of your cedula.

  9. Awen Talimoro Awen Talimoro

    Hi! Ask ko lng kung pwede ba kumuha ng license alone? My fiancee is in abroad and 2 weeks lang sya mag stay dito.

    • carminareyes carminareyes

      Both should be present for the application of license. That’s the proper way.

      • Leeila Leeila


        Pag mag claim na po ng license after 10 days, pwede and babae lang ang mag claim?

      • carminareyes carminareyes


  10. maricel de Juan maricel de Juan

    Hi am curious lng po sa certificate of no marriage.
    Do I need to provide that am single and not marriage.
    And where I get that?
    Ganon din and fiance ko.

    • carminareyes carminareyes

      You’ll just provide your basic info: name, birthdate, parents’ names. They’ll just check the registry if your info matches to any existing marriage record. Go to NSO to ask for a certificate of no marriage or you can order it online, sa e-census.

      • Kristin Kristin

        We plan our wedding by may 2017. When could we get license? Plan namin asikasuhin by January 2016 validity period ba license? Tnx

      • carminareyes carminareyes

        3 months lang validity ng license. You need to apply it around Feb 2017 pa. 🙂

  11. Hi! Kelangan po ba na dalawa kami ng fiancee ko magsubmit ng application for marriage license or he can submit it alone? Nasa manila kasi ako at sa dec.23 pa date namin is on jan.4..

    • carminareyes carminareyes

      Both of you need to be present when you apply for the license. Then only one need to pick it up after.

  12. Macy Macy

    Does it HAVE to be the cedula or can other government-issued IDs be considered? I’m asking because I live and work in Quezon City but all my IDs still say Paranaque. Can I just submit my Paranaque IDs instead of going back to Paranaque just for the cedula?


    • carminareyes carminareyes

      They specifically asked for a cedula. Will it be easy for you to get a barangay clearance from your place in QC? Baka pwedeng you can show that to get a cedula.

  13. RJ RJ

    Hi, ano po ang requirements to get a cedula?

    • carminareyes carminareyes


  14. Ruth Ruth

    Hi, kapag kumuha ba ng CENOMAR sa QC Hall makukuha agad ?

    • carminareyes carminareyes

      I’m not sure if you can get it right away. Sa NSO Serbilis Center yata pinakamabilis. Though, hindi ko po alam if kaya nila ibig in 1 day.

  15. Marriz Marriz

    Hi! Both of us are nonresidents in QC but I currently work in QC, puwede ba kami magapply for marriage license sa QC hall? Yun kasi ang most convenient location for us.

    • carminareyes carminareyes

      You have to apply saan ka residence. Ilalagay kasi dun ang address mo eh.

  16. Melai Melai

    Hi. Ask ko lang, yung cenomar ba photocopy lang kukunin nila? I just need to bring the original for verification? Kasi yung chuch nag rerequire ng original eh.

    • carminareyes carminareyes

      I don’t remember kungk kinuha nila original pero most of the time naman photocopy lang.

  17. Siena Siena

    Hi!:) great and helpful blog!:) but would you happen to know if there are applications for marriage licenses processed at less than 10days? My fiance kasi is an ofw. We have to get it in week because the weekend after we have to post marriage banns coz its exactly 3sundays before our wedding. After wedding alis na din agad. Ganun kasagad yung leave niya. 🙁 thanks!

    • carminareyes carminareyes

      Ask directly the local registry office of your city regarding your problem. They could probably help you out. 🙂

  18. vg vg

    Hi! these are some good tips! Thank you for sharing!! 🙂
    But I just want to clarify, you immediately went straight to the health department office to reserve a slot for the seminar, right? Does the couple have to be both physically present to reserve a slot for the seminar? And will they ask for any other requirements to reserve a slot for the seminar? (I was thinking of going ahead of my fiance to reserve that slot instead of waiting pa for him because he’ll be coming from makati pa) and also, would you know if they have a schedule everyday? (Will have to plan my leaves for work kasi)

    Thank you in advance for feedback! 🙂

    • carminareyes carminareyes

      I think pwede isa lang to reserve a slot pero sa seminar mismo, both have to be present. Seminar is daily, as far as I know.

  19. Hi po,
    Ask ko lng after getting the marriage license within 10 days we can now get married right away. Then after the ceremony do we need to go back to city hall and present the marriage certificate from the church or what not?
    Also how long will it takes to get the certified true copy for marriage certificate? I will appreciate your response. By the way your blog so far is the most helpful I’ve read. Thank you.

  20. Anthony Anthony

    Good day ma’am, May idea po kau Kung ilang araw Ang process pag nagrequest ng certified thru copy ng marriage certificate Sa QC Civil Registrar? Thanks in advance

    • carminareyes carminareyes

      Not sure about QC but that shouldn’t take too long. Sa Makati you can get it the same day if morning dumating.

  21. Nameless Nameless

    Hi po , My fiancé is a foreign muslim .My question is can we file a marriage license with the help of my parents at philippines ? Do I still need a legal capacity of marriage from the embassy of my fiancé before we get married ? We’re planning to get married under civil wedding . Thanks

    • carminareyes carminareyes

      Yes, I think kelangan documents from the embassy. It would be good to contact the embassy and magtanong ng requirements sa city hall.

  22. Zhay Zhay

    Hi!sobrang helpful po ng blog nyo,we are planning to get married sa church kya lang out of budgwt kya we plam sa civil nalang po,sa monday namin plan mag ayos ng papers he is from qc and im from cavite,do i have to get my cedula sa cavite pa?or pd naman sa qc nadin?and is 2k budget for the day enough?sa nso main kmi balak kumuha birthcert and cenomar makukuha kaya agad un?sorry po dmi ko question thanks po

    • carminareyes carminareyes

      Hindi yata kaya makuha ang CENOMAR na same day pero baka mapakiusapan. Sa amin kasi sa SM business center kami nagrequest dahil convenient. I’m not sure about sa cedula kasi ang alam ko kung saan ka nakatira dapat magbayad.

  23. Ask,ko lang po legal,po ang pagkahiwalay,ko sa.asawa ko,may paper po,km galing,sa,korte,may asawa,na at mga,anak ang x husband ko makasal po,kaya,ako sa fiance ko n British, divorced po siya hindi,ko po kaya magbayad,ng,annul,kaya,legal,papers galing sa,korte,lang po ang gagamitin,ko,salamat po

    • carminareyes carminareyes

      You can’t get married unless anulled ka po. Sorry I’m not a lawyer. Hanap po kayo ng abogado sa case niyo.

  24. Gizelle Gizelle

    Hi po.,may tanong lang po ako.,fiancee ko kasi foreign,at this July 2o sya pupunta dto for us married.
    Ano po ba kukunin ko sa QC hall para maumpisahan ko na khit wala pa sya?
    Meron npo ako Requirements.
    Pwede ba kumuha na ako nung form sa civil registry at magparesreve ng slot sa health dept.kasi 15 days lang sya dto.
    Salamat po.more power

    • carminareyes carminareyes

      I believe you can register na sa health dept. Not sure about the form because they only gave it to us after we paid.

  25. Hi poh.. maam i just want to ask if possible mag apply lng kmi ng fiancè ko ng marriage license when he arrived here in phils nasa states po kc sya and he got a month vacation only poh.. Bali we only have 14days poh before the date of our wedding to do all the said requirements poh.. Would it possible po na mkuha nmin agad ung marriage license within 14 days poh?

    • carminareyes carminareyes

      Go to city hall po para you can ask the people working there what you can do.

  26. yna yna

    Hello po ask lang po mag 15yrs na kmi ng live in ng hubby ko ned pa ba nmin mag seminar pra mkakuha ng marriage license? Prang may nabasa ksi ako dati na excempted ata sa seminar pag more than 5yrs na live in..thanks po

  27. Rodrigo Rodrigo

    Nice reading into the comments. Ask ko ln dn my concern. We will be on vacation from uae on dec-26 – jan21. Would u think we can complete these whole process of civil wedding considering na xmas and new year vac is on the corner?

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