Wedding Diaries: Suppliers Booked

Just a run down of suppliers we were able to book this month.

Juicebox Premium Mobile Bar

First of all, I want to point out how UGLY most mobile bar setups are. I mean, these suppliers know they are targeting weddings so why not make their bar setup presentable.

Juicebox is the only mobile bar provider I saw with a setup perfect for weddings. It doesn’t look cheap at all. And the concept is a bit different than most since you only pick 5 (could be more) drinks to be served throughout the 4 hours whereas other suppliers has a long list of cocktails to choose from (a consequence of this is a long line of people getting drinks).

Because we booked them during a bridal fair, we were able to score free Sangria drinks.

Pose and Print Photobooth

Same sentiments with mobile bars, some photobooth providers don’t care about presentation at all. They probably spend too much time on getting more customers than improving service.

Pose and Print has a nice photobooth setup and they have strips samples. Also, the layouts from their previous works before don’t look bad, quite classy actually.

We were able to get an extra hour free when we booked during the fair.

Fullblooms by Inah

Ms. Inah is very easy to talk to. She calls us “beh” which I find so cute! Rod and I made our way to her shop in Makati. We actually talk to another florist before we went to her but she won based on the following points

1. Her shop is close to the church and the reception so it’ll be easy for them to come back to their shop if they need anything.

2. She has worked in Enderun before. Also, she is familiar with our other suppliers. As much as possible, I want my suppliers to know each other already.

3. No crew meals because their shop is so close.

4. A mockup was available before we even paid the downpayment. There were no assurance we were going to get her but she made the effort to show us what she can deliver on our wedding.

5. Her sample pictures are her own works. And the peg I want for my bridal bouquet is actually her creation.

6. She replies fast, via Facebook or text. The other florist still haven’t sent us the revised proposal based on our comments. We’ve been waiting for that for more than 2 weeks now, so I decided to let them go.

7. She provides proper documents: contract, order form, and the most important of all, an official receipt.

Gretchen Pichay

Of course, a personal favourite because she’s going to make my wedding gown! I was already set on buying a gown from Two by Rosa Clara in Vienna but I decided to check her out first.

When she did her rough sketches in front of me I knew I was going to get her already. She was able to combine different elements I love and turn it into one. Even before when I showed her my pegs in my Pinterest board she pointed out my number one pick for a gown. Dun pa lang, same wavelength na kami. I already got her detailed sketches and I still haven’t decided what I’ll pick among the four.

Wedding Diaries: Church and Reception Venue

We already booked the church and the reception venue last year. Rod was able to visit the church when he paid the downpayment but both of us have never seen the reception venue. Yesterday, we finally were able to visit the two with my parents (I’m in the Philippines for a month). Needless to say, I am very satisfied with our choices.

St. Alphonsus Mary de Liguori Parish (Magallanes Church)


This church is located in Magallanes Village, in Makati City. This was the first thing we booked for the wedding. It wasn’t part of my initial list but fortunately we ended up with this. Right now, I couldn’t pick another church better than this.

The architecture lured me in. It isn’t like any other churches in the metro. It’s not grand but it isn’t simple too. It’s just perfect. It has air-conditioning, a must have for the scorching hot weather.

In some conversations, suggestions for the church come up every now and then, the most popular being Santuario de San Antonio. But not enough suggestions can make me sway. St. Alphonsus is the church for our wedding.

One year from today, we’ll be here to exchange our vows.

The Tent at Enderun Colleges


Again, this one is also not part of our initial list. Picking the church first greatly helped in narrowing down our choices for the reception venue. It has to be near the church where travel time is limited to less than 30 minutes. We tested this one yesterday and we arrived in around 15 minutes from the church to Enderun.

The tent is located in a college campus. Enderun Colleges is in Mckinley Hill, in Taguig. This area is very quiet during Saturdays. Parking should be no problem at all. The campus has a nice spacious garden and the buildings are picture perfect.

The tent is located at the back with a big garden in front of it. It is hidden from the road, which I like very much.


Tangle Teezer and Bioderma in Vienna

Google Search knows how many times I’ve typed “[product name here] wien” on the search box. And most of the time, I get nothing. :( However, a product is sometimes and miraculously available here. It happens so rarely that I get so shamelessly cheerful about it.

The first product that was apparently available here (but I couldn’t find any info about it online) was the Tangle Teezer. I was walking around Donauzentrum (1220 Wien) when it caught my eye. I saw it in a stand in Bundy Bundy salon (next to Mcdonalds). I bought the black travel version for 19€.

Bioderma is also available here. I searched for “Bioderma Wien” and got 2 apothecaries claiming to carry the brand. The first one I went to was a fail. They didn’t have it. The 2nd one I went to (Apotheke Zur goldenen Krone, Himmelpfortgasse 14 1010), which was located not too far from Kärtnerstrasse, has a good selection of Bioderma products. I ended up buying the 50mL and 250mL of the Sensibio H20. Oh, and an anti-perspirant too. The 50mL Sensibio H20 costs 7€ and the 250mL for 13.90€.

Also, I believe Jimmy Choo is opening up their own stand alone store in Vienna. I know this because I saw a job advertisement in LinkedIn. (I just feel like sharing this info.)

Online Shopping: First Bad Experience

I didn’t expect Amazon to give me my first bad experience in online shopping. And I never expected them to send a product without its proper packaging. I’m not talking about the packaging that Amazon puts the item into. I’m talking about the product’s own packaging. When you buy Nike shoes, you expect the shoes to arrive in a Nike box and not just in some random brown box, right? Or Ray-Ban sunglasses to arrive in a Ray-Ban box.

My shoes arrived in some random brown box. I don’t understand. I never purchased any shoes beforehand that came in some brown box with no proper labels. Heck, even the shoes that are sold at a tiangge have boxes with the label’s name on it.


I bought shoes from the label Blue by Betsey Johnson. A quick search on Instagram would show what the real box looks like. It’s blue and glittered, definitely not brown.


After seeing the box. I didn’t feel secure about my purchase. Yes, the shoes could be authentic all along. But still. How can I be sure? One thing I know is that the packaging is the first clue to a product’s authenticity. And since the shoe came in like this, I have this nagging feeling that there is something wrong with it.

The shoes weren’t cheap. To my standards, it was already expensive. I am disappointed and somehow I felt fooled. Because I’d rather be safe than sorry, I’ve decided to return the shoes to Amazon and I will get a refund for it. The customer service representative did offer to send another pair but I wasn’t feeling too confident about that.

Just to make it clear: the shoes were sold and shipped by Amazon, and not by a third party.

Might As Well Try: Blogilates

Ok. I know what you’re thinking! Geez, another girl setting a goal about working out at the start of the year and she probably wouldn’t last a week. In my defense, I’m not going to promise I’ll do this regularly throughout the year. All I’m saying is that I’m going to try it out.

First, this is free. I’m trying to save up as much as possible and this is a good way of trying something new without paying tons of money. And second, she sounds and looks so motivating. Look at her flat abs!

I guess this time there really is no reason to back out. This is all on me. Hopefully I’m strong enough to leave the comfort of my bed at night and do something about my fitness.

Now, all I need is a training mat.