So I got my “first” haircut done outside the Philippines for the first time. The quotes are there because it isn’t exactly my first since I had my haircut done before by a fellow Filipino. It’s the first time I had it done in a foreign salon not catered for Filipinos. Get it? Anyway. It took me this long because it’s bloody expensive. A haircut in the Philippines with washing and massage costs around 300Php, maybe even less. And that’s with a really really good massage that often leaves me wanting for more.

I woke up this morning with a mission to get it done. The cheapest one I found was around 25€ but reviews aren’t really that great and getting an appointment via phone call is something I always dread. (I hate phone calls with strangers in general) I turned to a salon with online appointment system (yey!) and there was a free slot in a few hours.

The cut itself cost 33€ but washing and blow dry hiked up the total. Washing was for 6€ and blow-dry a whopping 14€. Their appointment system automatically adds washing and blow-dry when I chose haircut so I don’t think it’s possible to get the haircut alone. The blow dry was not worth the 14€ I paid for. Heck, I can do it myself. There was no minimal styling involve like the ones you get in the Philippines. There wasn’t even an attempt to show me how my hair looked from the back. The haircut was fine but I really missed the “just-got-out-of-the-salon” look.

Next time, I’m definitely getting it done in the Philippines.

Tuesday Ramblings

Yesterday was the weirdest day ever. It was so painful to walk! My hips or my thigh was hurting real bad. I couldn’t even stretch my body, nor stand up properly so there I was curled up like a fetus almost all day long. Every trip to the bathroom was excruciating. I might be exaggerating, but really, it was painful. After many patches of Salonpas, it did get better and today I was able to leave the house. It’s still hard to walk but the pain is now mostly concentrated on my right thigh.

In-Shower Lotion
Applying lotion is a hit or miss thing for me. Most of the time I’ll just forget about it. Thank God, I found in-shower lotion. It’s like hair conditioner, but for your body.  There’s a big difference between applying lotion while in the shower and after. Doing it in the shower is more convenient and it doesn’t have that icky disgusting feeling. I found out about this in a FleurdeForce video where she talked about Lush’s Ro Argan Conditioner. The product was tempting, but there’s no way I’m going to spend €29,95 on a body lotion let alone enter a Lush Shop (can’t stand the smell).  I went looking for an alternative and settled with Nivea’s In-Der-Dusche Body Milk.

I can’t stop looking at it!
The DrPimplePopper instagram account is everything. I think I want to be a pimple popper someday. Others might find it disgusting, but I actually find it gratifying. Believe me, it’s satisfying to see a blackhead pop out. After checking out the Instagram and Youtube account, I have gained new scientific terms such as lipoma and milia. I tried to show the videos to Rod but he wasn’t having it.

A sweet surprise.
Looking through the raw videos of our wedding courtesy of AltXVideos, I found one of my favourite footages of our wedding day. They apparently recorded our reaction to our SDE during the reception. Here you go.

Oh, Nashville

Netflix basically took over my life. I binge watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in a day or two. As well as Daredevil. Last year, I watched Modern Family episodes again and again. And lately, Nashville.

The cheerleader Peter was supposed to save in order to save the world in Heroes turned into a tween country superstar in Nashville. Not gonna lie, Hayden Panettiere is the life of Nashville. Girl knows how to act, and sing too. Her character, Juliette Barnes, is the easiest character to hate but you’ll find yourself rooting for her.  She’s a complicated character and maybe that’s why she’s fantastic to watch. Take her away, then you have a mediocre show. Rayna Jaymes is ok. She needs a better storyline.

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How To Get Your Marriage Certificate

If you were recently married in the Philippines, here’s how to get your NSO Marriage Certificate (MC).

The Ugly Truth

It usually takes 6 months to acquire a copy of your marriage certificate from NSO.

What can you do about it?

  • Get a Certified True Copy from the Local Registry

Go to the municipality of your wedding location. Request a certified true copy of the marriage certificate. Before going, ask the church or whoever is in charge if the documents were filed already at the local registry. NSO can authenticate the CTC.

This document might not be accepted at embassies or other local government agencies.

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What Your Wedding Can Do Without

  • Engagement Photoshoot

Engagement photoshoots can be very expensive if you plan to have it done professionally. It’s good for your budget if you don’t do this. It’s not a requirement and your guests wouldn’t probably care.

  • Photobooth

We did have a photobooth on our wedding, but looking back, I wish we didn’t. It was a waste of money since only a few got to use the photobooth. Nowadays, people are posting photos using their smartphones, why not just use that.

  • Expensive Letter Invites

Letter pressed invites are nice but the majority of your guests won’t keep your invitation anyway so why spend so much on it?

  • Souvenirs

Souvenirs with the couples’ name and/or a picture are a thing of the past. Right now, it’s just tacky to plaster your photo on items that you want people to take home.

  • Gift Giving

This is a thing now. There’s no need to buy a gift for your fiancé/fiancee so that you can record the exchange of gifts for the SDE. It’s been done so many times, please.